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The Waldorf Nomad Model

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Although, at first look, the top of the Waldorf Nomad apears to be the same as the production Nomads, in fact it was several inches shorter, the windows were about two inches less height, the windsheild was completely different, and the B, C, and D pillars were slanted slightly more forward. All these differences required cutting the top and window posts apart and reassembling them. Also, the cowl and dashboard had to be cut and refitted. All windows were cut and fitted from acetate sheet.

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The rear fenders from the AMT Corvette kit were spliced to the Nomad body. The rear pan with the extenstions to the vertical chrome strips on the tail gate was hand-made. The Nomad plate was made with the IdentiColor transfer system.
The front clip from the Monogram Corvette was spliced to the Nomad body. However, the shape and size of the nose and hood are completely different than a Corvette, so lots of patching and reshaping was required to make the front of the model match the real car. The headlight guards were made from cigar filter mesh.

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GM made four show cars based on Corvette styling. This was the "Waldorf Nomad" shown at the New York Auto Show in 1954. It was so well received that GM rushed the 1955 Chevrolet Nomad into production. The model is made from four kits; two AMT 1955 Nomads, one AMT 1955 Corvette, and one Monogram 1955 Corvette. The body was made from 25 pieces cut from various parts of the kits. Paint is custom mixed to match the photos of the real car, and the decals to create the chrome side trim were custom made with a process called IdentiColor.

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